The Mayer Family Story

Not much can be said about this branch of my family tree. My Great Grandfather, Franz Mayer, was married to Barbara Spitzner. Together they had three children; Anne, Elisabeth, and Karl. Karl was born in Nowesiolo Galizia. At some point Franz moved to the Chicago area in the USA and got a job at a pub. He sent money back to Barbara until he found out that she was giving some of it to her sister. He didn't like this sister, so he stopped sending money. He died either in 1915 or 1917 probably in the USA.

Ann and Elisabeth married two brothers from the Rehmann family and moved to Argentina. Karl married Maria Schmalenberg . Together they had 6 children. Two were born in Galizia. The eldest served in WW2, although he spent a lot of it as a Russian POW. Two more of their kids were born during the war, one in what is now Poland and later another in what was East Germany. After the war they had a stillborn child. Shortly after they moved to Frankfurt A.M. where they had their last child. They lived the rest of their lives here.