Mark Forkheim's Family Tree Homepage

When I first put my family tree pages on the web I was quite detailed with the information. Unfortunately, as the web has grown the potential for this information to fall into the wrong hands has also grown. As I do not want to aid in the theft of identity I am redoing this section of my site. I have removed the specific details and replaced them with general stories of some of the families that I am researching. The stories should actually help others in determining if they are on the same trail as I am or not.

Here are the family names I am most interested in tracing. They are the family names of my grandparents. My Mother and I managed to get a lot of useful information from them before they passed on.

As my knowledge grows I will be modifying and expanding the stories here. I also am planning a photo gallery of my more recent ancestors.

While I have not spent as much time researching my family history as I would like, I have gathered enough information to need a system for numbering the relations. To this end I have created my own numbering system. I also explain why I created it and give some examples of it's use.